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At Rowe Sparkes we understand that if you or a member of your family or a friend is arrested or faces criminal proceedings or road traffic proceedings then it is bound to be an incredible stressful and worrying time and that you will want the very best help and representation. As we specialise purely in criminal defence and road traffic law we have the team of experts with the requisite knowledge and experience to achieve the best possible outcome.


We are able to look after your interests at all stages, from police station, through the court process and if necessary to appeal. We have a number of highly skilled police station representatives who can attend to advise and assist at police stations day and night when people are often at their most vulnerable and in most need of a friendly and confident person to help.


Our team of experienced case workers and advocates including our youth court specialists, in house barrister and higher courts advocates will be able to represent your interests in any court proceedings from the Magistrates courts and Youth courts to the Crown courts and the Court of Appeal. We are able to apply the real benefits of having all the necessary skills to defend any criminal case in one integrated team to any case so that expert advice and speed of action with the benefits that flow will be applied to your case.


We are able to offer publicly funded work and any work we do at a police station will automatically be free of charge as the Legal Services Commission will pay our fee. We will also be able to advise you as to your eligibility for legal aid in cases before the magistrates courts and the higher courts and assist you in making the necessary applications.


In this day and age we understand the importance of a driving licence and we have through many years of experience in dealing with road traffic cases built up a high level of expertise in this particular area of law.


If you wish to instruct us you can be certain that our team of dedicated experts, with our specialist knowledge and experience will always be working with your best interests at heart.

Specialists in criminal defence and road traffic law

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