If you are arrested on suspicion of involvement in an offence, you need to know you can rely on good legal advice, delivered by highly qualified and experienced lawyers in whom you can trust.  We are always on hand to help you at this difficult time; our solicitors and legal representatives are all experts in their field and can be with you in a very short time, 24 hours a day.  We will never delay your time in the police station, and it is always in your best interests to have legal advice before any interview.

Some common myths:

  • If you ask for a solicitor it will take longer before you are released
    In fact, if you ask for a solicitor you are certain to get advice to ensure you are in the best position going forward, you could, therefore, be less likely to be charged and more likely to be released on bail. Furthermore, your solicitor is entitled to make representations to the Custody Sergeant about your bail and any bail conditions, which you may struggle to do yourself in what can be an oppressive and intimidating environment.
  • If you go “no comment” you are less likely to get bail
    In fact, there are a range of options available to you in interview, but to understand these options properly you need good legal advice. Remember, it is not for you to prove you are innocent of any offence, but for the prosecution team (including the police) to prove that you are guilty. Sometimes it is better to say nothing than to say something that could be well intentioned, but be misinterpreted and cause you more problems.
  • You can’t afford a solicitor
    If you are arrested, you are automatically entitled to free advice from a solicitor, whether of your own choosing or the duty solicitor. If you ask for the Rowe Sparkes Partnership upon arrest, you will be attended on by one of our highly qualified and experienced lawyers, who will advise you in the police station free of charge.  This is your right, regardless of your financial circumstances, as this service is funded by the Legal Aid Agency.

Our team is committed to acting in your best interests and providing you with the best advice based on their high level of expertise and experience. They are: