We recognise that the many clients, be they individuals or businesses, have to pay for their own defence, and will rightly be expecting the highest level of expertise and service.

We are vastly experienced in representing private clients from the investigation stage at the police station, through the lower courts and into the Crown Court. We understand the added strain that can be caused by having to pay for your own defence.

Our private clients can choose to pay our hourly fees, or can pay a fixed fee dependent on the length and type of case they are facing. Many of our private clients find that fixed fees give them greater peace of mind, because they know exactly how much their case will cost them right from the outset.

However you choose to pay, as a private client of this firm you will benefit from:

  • A dedicated caseworker who you will have direct access to;
  • Correspondence by whatever medium you prefer;
  • Regular updates and contact about the progress of your case;
  • A designated advocate who will be identified and to you as being the person who will be the primary advocate in your case and with whom you will meet before any trial;
  • Regular and fair invoicing and payment plans.

Some examples of the private cases we have undertaken are as follows:

  • Major drugs case where prosecution alleged clients involved in the industrial level supply of Class A drugs. Case was dismissed at Crown Court re-trial.
  • Allegation of Domestic Violence – 2 day trial in the Magistrates Court where client was acquitted.
  • Alleged assault of a Special Constable – police officers giving evidence and client acquitted
  • Careless Driving – client driving at speeds of 138 mph along A27. Mitigation avoided lengthy disqualification.

To discuss in more detail please call our office on 02392 486886