In the first instance we are obliged to apply for legal aid if you are eligible and we will never charge you private fees unnecessarily. However, if there cannot be a risk of prison for the offence you are charged with or you earn more than roughly £275 per week you are unlikely to be able to get public funding (however we would assess this on a case by case basis).

We therefore offer a range of private client options so that we are affordable and accessible to clients and we also operate payment plans in some cases.

In the Magistrates and Crown Court we operate a fixed fee scheme, rather than simply charge our hourly rates (£185-£220 per hour) so that clients can be aware from the outset how much they will be charged and not be given an unexpected bill. We think this makes us more affordable. For example our rates for representing in a trial in the Magistrates Court can be as little as £750 plus VAT and disbursements and we are happy to discuss which of our silver, gold or platinum plans will most suit your needs.

There may well be some regulatory work or particularly complicated work that would be charged at our hourly rate, but we would always advise in advance.

If you are found not guilty you may be entitled to a proportion of your fees back from The National Taxing Team.

We can offer a ½ hours free telephone service to advise on necessity for a solicitor and our private fees and procedures so please contact our office to discuss your options on 02392 486886.

Alternatively, please email us at: