We regularly deal with all manner of driving offences: anything from causing death by dangerous driving, to driving whilst using a mobile phone.

If the offence you face is punishable with imprisonment, or there are some other special circumstances about you or the offence, and you qualify financially, then you may be able to qualify for legal aid for us to represent you at Court.

However, there are lots of road traffic matters which would not qualify for legal aid because they are not deemed serious enough. For example, speeding matters or having no insurance or driving whilst using a mobile telephone would not ordinarily attract legal aid funding. However, the effects of receiving obligatory points on your licence could be devastating for your insurance policy or, indeed, if you already have points could lead to a disqualification. Also, most driving offences can carry discretionary disqualification.

Nevertheless, there may be exceptional hardship or special reasons why you should not be disqualified even if you have pleaded guilty. We have a good proven record of success in this regard. One client who instructed us privately in relation to a drink driving matter, pleaded guilty but kept her licence after one of our solicitors successfully argued that she had a special reason for driving. They wrote to us as follows:

“I…want to thank you so much again for your great support to me and [for] being such an excellent solicitor. I would never have made it without your help. It’s taking some time to get over the awful trauma which could have been so much worse of course, but I will always be grateful for your help, support and kindness.”

So please visit our “funding” section or give us a call if you face any road traffic allegations and we would be happy to advise you in relation to funding options.