A person is criminally responsible for an offence at the age of 10 and will be considered a youth up to the age of 18. It is expected that a youth attends court with an appropriate adult but it would always be advisable to attend with a solicitor as well, as appropriate adults cannot give legal advice.

Our team of solicitors regularly attend the Youth Court and can communicate with youths in a way they understand and appreciate. Our solicitors are familiar with the local justices and Youth Offending Team, which is the key to achieving a good result in the Youth Court.

Legal aid is available for the vast majority, if not all of youth cases because it is not based on the parents’ income, but instead the youth’s. We would highly recommend that you instruct a solicitor in advance of the hearing because this will mean your case can be properly prepared and dealt with efficiently.

We have a strong track record of results in the Youth Court. We have frequently avoided prison sentences for youths, even when they are charged with very serious offences such as rape and false imprisonment. We have also been able to persuade the prosecution to refer matters back to the police for a youth caution to be administered, so that the youth avoided a criminal record altogether.

Our team are: